Feng Shui Jewelry

One of the best ways to benefit from the healing energy of crystals is to wear them as jewelry. This is how the jewelry actually came into being - by humans finding ways to bring the energy of crystals close to the body.

The challenge with buying good feng shui jewelry is in knowing which crystals to avoid. There are many crystals used in jewelry that have been either coloured, radiated, or artificially made. So, if your goal is to buy jewelry with good feng shui energy, be sure you are buying genuine crystals.

Pendants that go over the heart area or over the solar plexus, bracelets and rings that touch the acupuncture meridians or earrings that do the same - you choose what speaks to you the most.

From earrings to necklaces, from bracelets to belts, there are so many creative ways to benefit from the healing vibrations of various crystals. Check the feng shui properties of crystals and see which crystals can help you the most right now.

Do you need more calm and peace? Then go for the soft, calming energy of celestite, moonstone or aquamarine, for example. Are you looking for more energy? Then maybe the fiery carnelian or garnet can help you. More grounding and protection? Try black tourmaline or obsidian.

A creative and powerful way to use the feng shui energy of crystals is to make your own jewelry. It is not hard once you learn how to, and you can create exactly what you need. Of course, I do not mean you will start making sophisticated jewelry just by taking one or two classes, but you can sure make simple crystal bracelets and necklaces.

There is such a stunning variety of crystal beads on the market, one trip to a bead store - one that carries natural rock crystal beads - is enough to make your creativity flow!